Summer-lounge KUPPEL

KUPPEL is Tallinn TV Tower restaurant’s summer lounge, open every day from 12.00 to 19.00.


Beef burger/handmade bun/cheddar cheese/tomato/sweet onion/chef's secret sauce 6.5€

Pancake with ham and cheese/sun-dried tomato pesto/cold sauce 5€

Pancake with mozzarella and tomato/wild garlic pesto/arugula 5€

Pancake with banana and Nutella 5€

Pancake with jam and ice cream 5€

Caesar salad with chicken 6€

Caesar salad with shrimps 7€

French fries with ketchup 2€

Sweet potato fries/smoked paprika-lemon aioli 4€

Handmade chicken nuggets/french fries 5€

Handmade cheese balls/selected sauce 6€

Creme brule 4€

Ask the waiter about the selection of cakes!

For private events contact or call +372 5222986