A’la carte menu

2-course business lunch 12-16: 00 (visiting time 1.5h) 37 €

2-course dinner from 18:00 43 €

3-course dinner 50 €

All of the above prices also include access to the restaurant by the TV Tower


Selection of cheeses for two / onion jam / olives

Marinated artichoke/ cherry tomato/ parmesan cheese/ rucola

Pancake / trout roe / red onions / smoky sour cream

Baked goat cheese/ green salad /honey /melon/ orange vinaigrette

Steak tartare / chipotle mayonnaise / pearl onions / brioche


Pho Bo soup/ craft noodles/ 6 minute egg/ white radish/ duck fillet


Homemade pasta/ basil pesto/ pumpkin seeds/ burrata cheese

BBQ beef burger / tomato salsa / juniper-smoked cheese / chipotle mayonnaise / cucumber and onion relish / French fries / brioche bun

Braised duck fillet/ vegetable stew with chicken heart / mini broccoli

Blue mussels / creamy sauce with dill /panko breadcrumbs

Slow-cooked beef cheek/ black plum sauce/ early potatoes/ turkey beans/celeriac cream

Pork chops/ sweet potato jalapeno cream/ rhubarb/ panko/ red wine sauce

Trout in miso marinade/ early potatoes/ green peas/ creamy dill sauce


Warm chocolate cake/artisan ice cream

Tiramisu / Vana Tallinn creme

Crème Brûlée

TV tower artisan ice cream

Cake selection