A’la carte menu

Roe deer carpaccio/rosemary mayo/crispy moss/pickled black chanterelle 12€

Chicken liver paté/apple and sage jelly/fried onion jam/roasted butter dough bread 10€

Cod liver terrine/cucumber-celery-gin jelly/salted egg yolk/crunchy black bread 11€

Salted whitefish tartare/scrambled quail eggs/crunchy white bread flakes/

chive dressing 12€

Raw buckwheat/beetroot jerky/blackcurrant and cumin jelly/Eau-de-vie vinaigrette 10€

Duck consommé 8€

Roasted Jerusalem artichoke cream soup/goat cheese/fresh herbs 8€

Estonian venison fillet/root celery cream/raw buckwheat/ blackcurrant-wine sauce 24€

Livonian beef tenderloin/parsley root cream/potato granules/

black garlic and red wine sauce  22€

Duck fillet in spruce tip glazing/smoked beetroot cream/paradise apple salad/

elderflower and tarragon sauce 18€

Fried zander fillet/potato and kale cream/green peas/ Jaanihanso apple cider velouté 18€

Roasted root celery/Jerusalem artichoke and groat mash/Hot seed and sprout salad/

beetroot waffle

Linden blossom cream/buckwheat honey ice cream/sea-buckthorn meringue 7€

Hot curd-barley bread/baked apple ice cream/aronia syrup/ crunchy nuts 7€

Chocolate-rye malt cake/hazelnut cream/Haba coffee ice cream/ cherries  7€

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